Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy
Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy (born November 28, 1931, Ireland) is an Irish touring cyclist and author of adventure travel books for over 40 years.

Murphy is best known for her 1965 book Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle, about an overland cycling trip through Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. She followed this by volunteering with Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal, and trekking with a mule through Ethiopia. Murphy took a break from travel writing following the birth of her daughter, and then wrote about her travels with Rachel in India, Pakistan, South America, Madagascar and Cameroon. She later wrote about her solo trips through Romania, Africa, Laos, the states of the former Yugoslavia, and Siberia. In 2005 she visited Cuba with her daughter and three granddaughters.

Murphy has normally traveled alone and unaided, without luxuries and depending on the hospitality of local people. She has been in dangerous situations; for example, she was attacked by wolves in the former Yugoslavia, threatened by soldiers in Ethiopia, and robbed in Siberia. However, she described her worst incident as tripping over cats at home and shattering her left arm.


1965: Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle
1966: Tibetan Foothold
1967: The Waiting Land: A Spell in Nepal
1968: In Ethiopia with a Mule
1976: On a Shoestring to Coorg: An Experience of South India
1977: Where the Indus is Young: A Winter in Baltistan
1978: A Place Apart
1979: Wheels Within Wheels (autobiography)
1982: Race to the Finish? The Nuclear Stakes
1983: Eight Feet in the Andes: Travels with a Mule in Unknown Peru
1985: Muddling through in Madagascar
1985: Changing the Problem: Post-forum Reflections
1985: Ireland, Orbis
1987: Tales From Two Cities: Travels of Another Sort
1990: Cameroon with Egbert
1993: Transylvania and Beyond
1995: The Ukimwi Road: From Kenya to Zimbabwe
1998: Visiting Rwanda
1999: South from the Limpopo: Travels through South Africa
2001: One Foot in Laos
2003: Through the Embers of Chaos: Balkan Journeys
2005: Through Siberia by Accident
2006: Silverland: A Winter Journey beyond the Urals
2008: The Island that Dared (Travels in Cuba)

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